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Rain-Soaked UAE: Chennai Airport Faces Second Day of Flight Chaos!

Posted on: 18/Apr/2024 10:11:39 AM

Unprecedented heavy rainfall in the United Arab Emirates has led to the cancellation of 12 flights from Chennai to Dubai, Kuwait, and Sharjah, as well as their return journeys, for the second consecutive day. The adverse weather conditions in the UAE forced the cancellation of flights that were initially scheduled to depart from Chennai yesterday. Consequently, passengers are facing significant challenges at Chennai Airport. The cancelled flights include 8 routes from Chennai to Dubai and back, 2 routes to Kuwait and back, and 2 routes to Sharjah and back.

Passengers heading to Dubai, Kuwait, and Sharjah are experiencing considerable delays and are stranded at Chennai Airport. Airport authorities have announced that flight operations will resume once weather conditions improve.

Meanwhile, passengers who were supposed to travel on an Emirates Airlines flight to Dubai last night have protested at Chennai Airport, demanding alternative arrangements. The airline authorities have apologized for the inconvenience and assured passengers that alternative arrangements will be made once the weather improves.

The heavy rain in the UAE has caused significant disruptions to flight operations, leaving passengers distressed. Airport authorities are diligently working to restore flight operations as soon as possible, with a priority on passenger safety, officials have confirmed.

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