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Rains today and tomorrow in certain districts in Tamil Nadu - RMC!!

Posted on: 01/Feb/2024 9:59:47 AM
The Regional Meteorological Centre or RMC in Chennai has mentioned that there would be light rains today 1st February and tomorrow 2nd February in delta districts and southern districts etc.

The director of RMC Chennai Mr. P. Senthamarai Kannan in the press release explained that due to the change on the speed of easterly winds blowing towards TN light rains might occur in one or two places belonging to south Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur, Thiruvarur,Nagapattinam, Mayiladuthurai and Karaikal today and tomorrow. In other places, dry weather would prevail.

The release also stated that along the places in inner TN light fog would prevail during the early morning hours. From 3rd February to 6th February, dry weather would prevail.

Today, Chennai and the suburbs would have partly cloudy skies. The maximum temp would be 30 degrees Celsius and minimum would be 23 degrees Celsius.