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Prospects for Northeast Monsoon rains on 15th January in South India areas including Tamil Nadu!

Posted on: 12/Jan/2024 11:32:39 AM
The Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre has indicated that there are prospects for the onset of the northeast monsoon seasonal rains in South India, including Tamil Nadu, on the 15th of January.

Details from the notification released by the Director of the Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre, Pa. Senthamaraikkannan, are as follows:

"A cyclonic formation is prevailing in the lower layers of the atmosphere over the coastal areas of the State of Kerala. Another cyclonic formation is occurring in the lower layers of the atmosphere over the Indian Ocean area in the region adjacent to the equator over the eastern Indian Ocean.

As a result, there are possibilities of mild to medium rain on the 12th of January (today) in 1 or 2 places.

A dry climate may persist from the 13th of January until the 17th of January.

There are expectations for the northeast monsoon seasonal rains to conclude in the South Indian Region.

The Chennai Metro City and suburban areas may remain partly cloudy today (Friday, 12th January). The maximum temperature will be 31 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature will be 23 degrees Celsius.

The maximum rainfall recorded in centimeters as of 8.30 AM yesterday (Thursday, 11th January): Thirunelveli District Nalumukku 15 cm, Oothu area - 11."