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Sudden unexpected rains in localities like Nungambakkam, Villivakkam, Nandanam etc in Chennai!!

Posted on: 05/Jan/2024 9:15:08 AM
Yesterday evening, there were sudden rains in Chennai and it took many by surprise.

It must be noted that in January rains would stop and snowfall or pani pozhivu would be there. Even when there is snowfall now, rains came suddenly in Chennai and its suburbs. At about 3pm in the evening, Chennai and its suburbs received rains.

The sudden unexpected rains in Chennai caused issues for the school students and others who were going back to their homes.  The rainy season is over now and due to that the public did not bring umbrellas or raincoats etc with them.

According to the rainfall that was recorded till 5:30pm in the evening yesterday, Nungambakkam received  17mm, Villivakkm received 13mm, Chembarambakkam received 6.5 mm and Nandanam received 6mm.