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Haphazard parking of vehicles troubling the residents of Anna Nagar in Chennai now!!

Posted on: 25/May/2023 9:25:02 AM

There is now heavy traffic congestion around the metro station at Thirumangalam in Chennai. The residents belonging to Anna Nagar are worried due to haphazard parking of vehicles and lack of traffic regulation etc. The commuters as well as the pedestrians here face issues now. It must be noted that the vehicles both 2wheelers and 4wheelers, have been parked at random places and the traffic police are also not taking any action.

Proper parking of vehicles and traffic regulation is the need of the hour and this was according to many commuters and the public. It was later revealed by a resident belonging to the Shanthi Colony in Anna Nagar that both 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers are parked randomly even in front of no parking sign board also near the Thirumangalam metro station. The resident added that a large number of vehicles, even ambulances are parked on the pedestrian walk leading to lots of issues for the pedestrians.

The public have been unable to board and deboard the buses as a large number of vehicles get  parked near the bus bays near the Thirumangalam metro station. This was mentioned by a college student.

According to a GCC official, GCC provides on-street parking areas at Anna Nagar plus Multi Level Car Parking or MLCP etc. He hinted that GCC has got no power to take action on the violators. It is noteworthy that under the Motor Vehicle Act the GCTP is entrusted with issuing challans to the violators.

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