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Why these days many young & middle aged adults get strokes more than others?

Posted on: 20/May/2023 9:26:37 AM
When there is a disruption in the flow of blood to the brain, then we could get strokes. The strokes could be either due to the blocked flow or due to bursting of a blood vessel.

In those persons who have been affected by strokes, there are possibilities of long term brain damage and death too. So, it is highly essential to get treated for strokes. People who are above 65 years of age are more prone to get strokes. The important piece of information is that once when a person crosses 55 years of age then the person has got twice the number of chances of getting affected with strokes.

More middle aged adults get strokes:

It was confirmed by a research study that there has been a 11% increase in the intracerebral hemorrhage strokes over a time of 15 years. In the younger as well as in the middle age adults, the number of stroke cases has been more. It must be noted that the intracerebral haemorrhage strokes are more deadlier when compared to other types of strokes. This type of strokes would occur when there is a rupture in the blood vessels present in the brain and bleed.

 Reasons for incidences of strokes in the middle aged adults:

Truth is that these days in the middle aged adults the health conditions in them would increase the chances of getting strokes. Various reasons for getting strokes are high LDL levels, having hypertension for a long time, diabetes, vascular diseases etc. It has been brought out that in the middle aged adults between  the age 40 to 59 factors like obesity, high cholesterol and high BP etc are too high.

Overlooked symptoms:

 There are 30percent adults under the age of 45 who are unaware of the 5 common stroke symptoms like numbness of face, arms or legs, confusion , trouble in speaking, loss of balance, severe headache setc.

Tips to follow lower strokes risk:

The health experts have highlighted that almost 80% of strokes could be prevented by testing BP, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Middle aged adults could avoid getting strokes when they quit smoking, by being physically active etc. 

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