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Weather Forecast Update: Low-Pressure Area Expected to Strengthen into a Storm over May 9th

Posted on: 07/May/2023 2:44:35 PM
The emergence of the new northeast monsoon season has been delayed due to the establishment of a new low-pressure system in the atmosphere. It is now anticipated to form on May 8 and produce severe rainfall starting on May 9.

The director of the Chennai Meteorological Department, Mr. P. Senthil Kannan, stated in a statement that a depression is forming today, May 6, below the equator in the Bay of Bengal. The new northeast monsoon season is anticipated to develop on the eighth with a one-day delay as a result of its effects. On the ninth, the low-pressure area is anticipated to strengthen and develop into a cyclone, travelling in the direction of the north and dumping a lot of rain on the central coastal regions.

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