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Watch out for these important early signs that would reveal the dementia in women, take care!!

Posted on: 11/Jan/2023 5:52:32 PM
Have you ever come across your mother or grandma in your house placing money inside a microwave oven or keeping a loaf of bread in the washing machine etc? Sound`s absurd right!!

If yes, then please  don`t take it lightly and this is a really serious issue.

A person`s ability to think, remember and  behave properly can get affected . This is termed as dementia, a degenerative disorder and is really a serious issue. It must be noted that this dementia depends on the age factor and as we age we would be able to lose the ability to think properly.

The bitter truth is that the signs of dementia are often confused with the natural ageing process. This issue could affect people of different ages and has no specific signs. Women are more likely to develop dementia when compared to men. This was as per some research study. Estrogen levels go down after menopause and this can lead to dementia in women.

Various early signs of dementia in women are

Difficulty in memory recall:

Memory loss is one of the most common sins of dementia in women. The women might find it difficult to recollect recent events. Sometimes, woman might often misplace items like keys, mobile phones in their houses.

More frequently falling down:

Those women who fall down often might have to be careful. This might be due to early signs of dementia also.

Not knowing the purpose of objects:

The shocking information is that sometimes women might even forget the usual items they use regularly. This is another common early sign of dementia in them. It must be noted that the women with early signs of dementia might keep their money in the oven or loaf of bread in the washing machine etc.  This was brought out by the UK based Social Care Institute of Excellence.

Trouble in forming words to speak:

Here, a woman who was once very fluent in her communication could struggle to form words while speaking. This is an early sign of dementia in them.

Sudden mood changes:

Women with dementia would show varied mood changes like from being calm to sudden tears to anger for no reason. This must be considered seriously.

Issues in planning and calculating;

Those women who have early signs of dementia might get lots of confusion in their daily activities. Truth is that she might find it difficult to plan activities or she might find it difficult to take important decisions etc.

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