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Decrease in the night temperatures in Chennai soon!!

Posted on: 07/Jan/2023 9:44:41 AM
While few places belonging to Chennai have been receiving rains for the last 2 days, the nights in the city have been generally warm. There would be some isolated light rains in the city for another 2 days due to the incoming easterlies. This was mentioned by weathermen.

By next week, Chennai might experience a dry climate and this was according to some bloggers and private forecasters etc. By the middle of January, the night temperatures might reduce.

For the last 2days, some places near the coast have been receiving sudden short showers in the night time. The Indian Meteorological Department or IMD yesterday mentioned that Meenambakkam observatory recorded traces of rain between 8:30 am and 5:30pm.

The meteorologists confirmed that  sudden short showers were because of light to moderate easterlies or north easterlies prevailing over the region in the lower tropospheric levels. The connective activity is due to the incoming easterlies  interacting with cool winds over the land. During the day, heat gets absorbed and the clouds block the heat from escaping from the land. As a result of this, the nights are warmer.

In Chennai for the next 2 days there would be light rains in some places and the skies would remain partly cloudy. The maximum temperature would be around 30 degrees Celius and the minimum around 25 degrees Celsius.

As the incoming easterlies would slow down, the night temperatures would decrease in Chennai from 12th of January. This was pointed out by Mr. Pradeep John. In the next 4 to 5 days, there might be light rains and later on the weather will become dry in the city.

There could be atleast 2 degrees drop in the night temperatures and this was according to Skymet weather chief meteorologist Mr. Mahesh Palawat. He added that by the middle of January cold winds from the Himalaya might begin to move to TN.