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Be careful!! Eating rusks with tea often can be very dangerous for your health?

Posted on: 04/Jan/2023 5:48:25 PM
Do you have the feeling that the tea you consume could be incomplete without rusk? Don`t worry!!

It`s high time you get rid of this snack as it could cause some serious side effects. Point is that many of us have this habit of eating rusk along with morning or evening tea without even knowing the fact that it could lead to some health issues in us. The presence of added sugars in the risk could lead to issues in those persons who are diabetic.

Various serious issues that can happen by eating rusks frequently with tea are

Digestive issues and allergies etc:
It is known that the main ingredients used to make rust are flour, sugar , yeast and oil. It is often said that rusks are made from old breads whose date is over. By eating rusks, some persons could get issues like diarrhoea, constipation etc. There are also possibilities of getting allergies too.

Blood clots and heart attacks etc:
Usually ghee or margarine is used to prepare rusks. This might lead to blood clots in the blood vessels and heart attacks etc. So, please be careful.

Diabetes, kidney issues etc:
Fact is that the added sugars present in rusk could be dangerous for the health when the rusks are consumed for a long period of time. By eating rusks with tea often, a person could get diabetes plus other issues like kidney problems, inflammation of the skin etc.

Weight gain and high cholesterol levels etc:
Rusk as well as bread are made from refined flour having carbohydrates. Hence, consuming rusks often could lead to weight gain plus increased cholesterol levels etc.

Damage to intestines:
There are chances that by eating rusk with tea frequently we might get intestinal ulcers too. This could lead to other issues in us and we might find it difficult.