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New! Tamil Nadu Government Special pilgrimage to Tirupati - Air conditioned bus, Special Darshan Ticket!

Posted on : 06/Aug/2022 11:44:12 AM

A special pilgrimage tour is being arranged by the State Government of Tamil Nadu to Tirupati from all the major cities in the State! Pilgrimage with Special Darhan ticket to Tirupathi is already being organized from Chennai Metro City.

Now, this pilgrimage is being extended to 4 more cities in Tamil Nadu State from 8th August!

Citizens booking this pilgrimage will be provided with vegetarian food twice, and taken in an air-conditioned bus and taken to Tirupati with a special Darshan Ticket and have the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara!

Presently, this facility is available and in operation in Chennai Metro City. This system is now being extended to operate in other cities as well!

As such the itinerary for the Tirupati pilgrimage trip has been prepared. The details:

Tirupati temple is the premier temple in India and the most popular as well in the country! Lakhs of devotees from all other states visit Tirupathi to offer prayer and have the Darshan for their favourite Lord Sri Venkateswara! And Tamil Nadu State is no exception to this thousands of devotees from Tamil Nadu keep visiting Tirupathi regularly!

In this scenario, the special pilgrimage to Tirupati from Tamil Nadu has been extended. A special pilgrimage to Tirupati is set to be organized from other Tamil Nadu cities including Trichy, Madurai, Salem, and Coimbatore. With this, the devotees can not only travel on a particular date for Darshan but also can undertake even daily trips to Tirupathi! This is set to commence on 8th August!

Citizens interested in undertaking this pilgrimage have to reserve 7 days in advance. The ticket fare for adults for the trip from Trichy and Salem for adults has been fixed at Rs. 3330/-. For children under 10 years of age, the fare is Rs. 3000/-.

For the pilgrimage from Madurai and Coimbatore, the fare for adults is fixed at Rs. 4000/-. For children under 10 years of age, it is Rs. 3700/-.

For the citizens who reserve for the above trips, the citizens will be taken to Tirupati in an air-conditioned bus with vegetarian food served 2 times. They can have the Darshan with the Special Darshan ticket. They need not have to buy Darshan tickets or pay any extra amount! The booked amount includes this as well!

For additional information regarding this, please contact Hotel Tamil Nadu in the respective districts.

  • Manager Hotel Tamil Nadu, Trichy - 0433-2414346. 
  • Manager Hotel Tamil Nadu, Salem - 04281-22335, 22334, 9176995823, 
  • Manager Hotel Tamil Nadu, Madurai - 0452-2337471, 917696995822, 
  • Manager Hotel Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore - 0422-2302176, 0176995852



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