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Order to stop recruitment of interim (temporary) teachers!


Posted on : 30/Jun/2022 2:51:28 PM


It is learnt that an order has been issued to stop forthwith the recruitment of interim (temporary) teachers

Presently, there are vacancies for 4989 Middle-level teachers, 5154 graduate teachers, and 3188 higher secondary school teachers for a total of 13311 vacancies. So, the Tamil Nadu State Government Department of School Education ordered the various schools to appoint locally qualified candidates for the above vacancies for 10 months from July 2022 to April 2023, for the middle-level and graduate teachers and the higher secondary teacher for 8 months from July 2022 to February 2023 temporarily.

The Tamil Nadu State Government of School Education further informed that a monthly salary of Rs. 7500/- for middle-level teachers, a monthly salary of Rs. 10000/- for graduate teachers and a monthly salary of Rs. 12000 for the higher secondary teachers.

On the order for the appointment of interim (temporary) teachers, it was NOT mentioned that a pass in TET was MANDATORY! Instead, it was mentioned that in case there was a competition of more than 1 person per given post, priority will be given to the candidates who passed TET (Teachers’ Eligibility Test).In this regard, The Tamil Nadu State Government Department of School Education mentioned that priority MUST be given to the employees working under the ‘Education to House’ scheme.

In this situation, there are more than 6000 teacher candidates awaiting appointment having passed the Teachers’ Eligibility Test for graduate teachers in the years 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2019, waiting for an appointment for more than 9 years!

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu State Government has announced that the! teachers who had passed TET earlier have to write another examination! Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Education has announced the appointment of teachers for 8 months temporarily.

Further, as regards the employees who had finished +2 to graduation working under the ‘Education-to-Home’ Project, the news is learnt that they are also being considered for an appointment!

As such, the candidates who had passed TET and awaiting teachers` appointments claimed,” This action by the State Government has shocked us! When qualified and TET-passed candidates are readily available, why the government has gone forward to appoint teachers who HAVE NOT PASSED TET? The government must explain this!” while organising a protest in front of the entrance of the office of the Department of School Education.

In the above scenario, information is gathered that an order has been given to the districts to stop the appointment of teachers temporarily!

As the complaint was received that ineligible candidate being considered for these posts, it is learnt that the above order toto stop recruitment of temporary teachers has been issued!
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