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Guess which state in India, travellers from the foreign countries visited mostly?


Posted on : 27/May/2022 9:40:52 AM

Tamilians all over the world have got an amazing reason to rejoice now!!

According to Indian Tourism statistics 2021 published by the Union Ministry for Tourism it has been confirmed that the state of TN has been the leading tourist destination. Point is that Tamil Nadu has topped the country in tourist arrivals in 2020.

It is superb to mention that Tamil Nadu state contributed to 22.9% of the total tourists who came to India in 2020. In addition to this, TN has been ranked one in the domestic tourist visits in 2020. It is learnt that TN had more than 140million visits in 2020. The state of Maharashtra came first in the foreign tourists arrival list and it was followed by Tamil Nadu. Fact is that Maharashtra received 1.62 million visitors whereas TN received 1.23 million visitors.

Out of the total tourists who had visited India in 2020, 45percent were from the UK, USA and Bangladesh etc. For 6.6% of foreign tourists who came to India, Chennai international airport was the gateway. Chennai was considered as the preferred point of entry in India for the 52% of the travellers from foreign nations like Sri Lanka, 22.5% from Singapore (22.5%), 20.4% from Malaysia, 18.8% from France and 16.8% from South Korea (16.8%).

The strength of tourism infrastructure in TN has been highlighted by the total number of rooms in the depicted hotels. The state of TN has been among the top 5 states in this regard. It is important to mention here that the group of monuments at Mamallapuram near Chennai (one of the 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in TN) is ranked as second most famous centrally protected  ticketed ASI monuments visited by domestic tourists and fifth most visited by the foreign tourists.

There are also other ASI monuments in TN that have been visited by the foreign tourists and these are Fort Museum, Fort Vattakottai, Gingee Fort & Rock Cut Jain Temple at Sittannavasal. This was brought out by a press release from the government. The efforts taken by the Indian embassies abroad plus by the ministry of tourism were fruitful as many foreign tourists visited India.

The surprising piece of information is that the government of India had appointed tourism officers in 20 Indian missions at Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar plus in other countries like Oman, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Netherlands, UK and USA etc.
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