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How dangerous malware it is to steal money from you account

Posted on: 16/Mar/2022 5:01:20 PM
According to reliable sources, Escobar malware has targeted customers from 190 financial institutes in nearly 18 countries. But, complete details of malware and its approach has been revealed by these NBFCs.  

Android users got accustomed to malware attacks for a long time and have received warnings from worried banking authorities on and off. According to BleepingComputers, Escobar is going around in circles, claiming that the malware isn`t new but has a different name and capabilities. This banking malware can steal Google authenticator multifactor authentication codes that are sent to your devices when someone tries to log in on online banking services, access will be easy because the hackers will have simple access to your credentials.    

Reports highlighted a few points that malware gathers information from C2 servers including SMS call logs, notifications, and Google authentication codes.  Escobars main target is Android users.

It is not new to android users, and in 2021, users have experience with the Aberebot Android bug that has similar capabilities, and now Escobar is more powerful with advanced capabilities. It can hack infected devices, photos, records, audios and easily steal the credential of your banking.

It is quite different from previous malware as it targets APK installed on the web. So far, you might have experienced that malware will come in the form of an application on the Google play store. This is different and overlays login forms to track your interaction with online banking apps and websites.  It can steal your money without any notification or message.

How to Get Protection From Android malware

Android users should not download any APK files from outside the google play store. Android users must protect your google play store on their mobile phones. Users have to keep checking on regular permissions for the particular banking apps. If you are planning to download any app, be cautious while downloading. Please check the name description and other things.