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Important News!! After Pongal holidays, no direct physical classes at all for the school students in TN!!


Posted on : 13/Jan/2022 9:38:20 AM

The rapid spreading Omicron variant has been creating many issues now in Tamil Nadu. The cases are getting increased and this is making many to worry now.  Many new restrictions have come into effect now in TN to control the spread of Coronavirus and Omicron variant is a known fact. Except for the crches, others like playschools, classes for students of LKG/UKG etc are not allowed to function in Tamil Nadu now.

Direct physical classes in the schools for students belonging to the classes 1 to 9 have been canceled and the students are learning through online mode now. Earlier, it was announced by the government that the students studying in the classes 10, 11 and 12 would have to attend the direct physical classes compulsorily. The reason for that was because of the public examinations and vaccination of these students in the schools for the sake of their health.

 Now, there are many suggestions coming from the parents and academicians regarding canceling direct physical classes for the students belonging to the classes 10 to 12 due to the rise in the number of Coronavirus and Omicron cases in TN.    

Now, the TN government has provided answers and clarified the doubts of the parents and academicians etc. Point to be noted is that the students of classes 10 to 12 have been asked to attend the direct physical classes just for the purpose of getting administered with the first dose of vaccination. There is no compulsion for these students to attend the direct physical classes in the schools. The schools have been asked to take a decision regarding conducting online classes for these students after the Pongal holidays.

 The school education department has informed that after the Pongal festival vacations inline mode of teaching would be carried out for the students of classes 10, 11 and 12.

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