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Exponential growth of traffic on Chennai roads is worrying many now!!

Posted on: 25/Nov/2021 9:30:31 AM
Chennai has a huge population and people use various modes of transport to reach their places of destination.

By the end of the month of May, Chennai began unlocking after the second Coronavirus infection wave was brought under control. There has been an exponential growth of vehicular traffic on the Chennai roads. It is now said that this huge number of vehicles on the Chennai roads does not augur well for the limited road infrastructure.

The traffic police have been very busy regulating traffic at busy junctions plus they have been preventing violations due to the increase in the number of vehicles. Point to be noted is that the traffic violations have become rampant now. Various traffic violations include driving on the wrong side of the road, breaking one-way rule, haphazard parking of vehicles on the road etc.

The police personnel have been burdened with additional work now and they are facing huge pressure. Day by day, the number of vehicles on the Chennai roads has increased thus increasing the workload of the traffic police personnel. It must be taken into note that the pavements are occupied by vehicles for parking and motorists have been causing accidents by driving on the wrong side of the road.

A Tambaram based resident threw light on how the traffic violations have become more common now on many arterial roads of Taluk office roads and Velachery Main Road in Little Mount. He mentioned that on the Taramani Link Road, motorists drive their vehicles in the wrong direction to save a few kilometres plus unauthorised parking of vehicles on the arterial roads of Anna Salai near Omandurar Estate.

According to some senior police officers, traffic police personnel have been doing their job efficiently without enough manpower. The traffic policemen have been regulating the traffic and penalising the traffic rule violators.

The traffic violations have been segregated by the traffic police into 2 categories namely 2H

(driving without helmet and not wearing seat belt etc)and 6H ( drunken driving, over speeding, overloading of goods, talking over mobile phones while driving, signal violations, wrong direction driving and carrying passengers in commercial vehicles etc).

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