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Ward level teams from GCC once again to control COVID in Chennai


Posted on : 16/Apr/2021 9:15:58 AM

Ward level teams that were once present in the month of October in 2020 in Chennai are making come back now!!

It must be noted that GCC has instructed zonal officials to constitute ward level teams for monitoring the implementation of safety protocols. Point is that GCC has re-launched many strategies that it launched during the first Covid wave in Chennai. After the number of cases went down the ward level teams became non-functional is a known fact.

A meeting took place between Mr. G. Prakash, Chennai Corporation commissioner and others like sanitary inspectors, assistant and junior engineers, sanitary officers, conservancy inspectors belonging to zones in north and central regions. On Friday, another meeting with south region zones has been scheduled.

In the meeting the Chennai corporation commissioner spoke about the need to form ward level teams once again. It was pointed out by an officer that the team would have one police officer from the local police station. The officer later threw light about the ward level team that would have assistant engineers, junior engineers, sanitary inspectors, conservancy inspectors, and tax collectors from respective divisions.

The work of the inspection team would be to act against masking and social distancing violations at the construction sites, offices, markets, major streets with shops, religious places, marriage halls and various other sites for crowding. Micro level implementation of the safety measures would be overseen by the teams.

It is brought out that these teams would also play its role in imposing containment restrictions on streets with more cases.  Soon, in the streets with more than 3 Covid-19 cases banners would be erected by the field officers and instructions have been given to them. In those streets with more than 6 Covid-19 cases S shaped barricades would be placed to slow down the movement. Streets having more than 10 cases would be totally barricaded.
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