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Those above 80 years and those with physical issues can vote by postal ballot in TN


Posted on : 02/Mar/2021 9:34:42 AM

 In Chennai, 1.17lakhs voters are eligible for postal ballot!!

This number was revealed by the GCC which is also the district election office. It must be taken into note that the EC or Election Commission has mandated postal ballots for persons above the age of 80 and those who have disabilities.

According to Mr. G. Prakash, Chennai corporation commissioner the 16 assembly constituencies in the Chennai district have around 1.10lak voters above the age of 80 and more than 8000 with disabilities. He added that these persons must hand over the 12D forms before 16th of March 2021 to be eligible for voting. Political parties would be given the list of persons who are eligible for postal voting. Postal voting could be carried out by those who are affected with Covid-19 or those with symptoms of this infection.

The mode code of conduct has come into force and the GCC has removed more than 12,000 wall posters and political banners in the Chennai city. Mr. G. Prakash concluded that the political parties must get prior permission before 48 hours from the GCC for conducting public meetings, using loudspeakers etc. To set up election offices, prior permission is also needed. Voters with disabilities must produce valid documents and this was as per the statement from the corporation.

It is now brought out by the release that the booth level officers would visit the voters who are eligible for postal voting. They would be distributing forms as well as collecting certificates between 12th to 16th March. Point is that if anyone does not wish to cast their votes through post then they could cast their votes at the polling booths. The officers would visit the homes of the eligible voters within 5 days again if the eligible voters were not available in their homes when the officers visited them.

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