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Confusion at the Chennai airport due to sudden COVID-19 curbs


Posted on : 26/Feb/2021 9:19:14 AM

On Wednesday late night, an order was issued by the TN government regarding making tests for Covid-19 compulsory for the passengers arriving from abroad. This created confusion amongst the travellers at the airport in Chennai. Fact is that many were not aware about the need to give their samples even if they had negative RT-PCR test results. Till now, only those passengers who have arrived from the UK have been tested.

At the Chennai airport, many who had arrived from the Middle East did not believe that they had to provide their samples for testing and pay the amount. These passengers refused to provide their samples and they argued that they had Covid-19 negative certificates with them. The change of rules was not informed by the airlines and the travel agents to the passengers. It must be noted that there was confusion among the passengers, airlines and travel agents as the testing and quarantine protocols for those arriving from countries other than the UK was different in Chennai when compared to other airports in the metro cities.

It was later clarified by the health secretary of TN Mr. J. Radhakrishnanan that for those passengers arriving from countries like Brazil, UK and South Africa etc it was compulsory to wait for RT-PCR results. It is known that in these countries where the new strain has been creating many issues. He mentioned that only if the passengers test negative for RT-PCR then they would be allowed to board connecting flights or exit the Chennai airport. 

He concluded that passengers from the Middle East or other parts of Europe could provide their samples and exit and if the samples test positive then standard procedures of treatment and containment steps would be initiated. The work of the airlines and the airport officers have been made easy by the flow chart that was given by the authorities.
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