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Information of road congestion, travel time etc to be available for public in Chennai - Intelligent system


Posted on : 20/Jan/2021 9:19:16 AM

The peak hour traffic in Chennai and in other cities creates many issues for the people and driving on the city roads in these peak hours is not an easy task. This issue wont be there in the future.

In the future, information about the congested state of the road network plus travel time etc would be made available for the public by an Intelligent Transport System Installation Project.

It was pointed out by an official that DPR for Rs 660 crores Chennai Metropolitan Area- intelligent Transport Systems Intelligent Project to build an efficient traffic system to meet increasing traffic demands is ready. He added that tenders for this would be floated by this month end after getting approval from JICA or Japan International Cooperation Agency and state government. Truth is that JICA is providing funds for this project and it would invest Rs 465 crores and state government would invest Rs 195 crores. Chennai traffic Information System, Traffic Management System and City Bus System would form the major components of the project.

Adaptive traffic signal control system or ATCS at 165 junctions:
Proper traffic control and management and providing effective information would be made possible by the Traffic Information and Management System. It must be taken into account that ATCS or Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System would be present in 165 junctions.

To optimise the flow of traffic, ATCS automatically adapts the timings of the traffic lights based on real-time traffic conditions. At 58 locations, there would be VIDS or Vehicle Incident Detective System and 50 junctions would have Red Light Violation Detection System or RLVD. Information is that at 10 locations there would be Speed Limit Violation Systems or SLVD and at 115 locations there would be ATCC or Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier.

Various functions of ATCC:
Point is that ATCC records real time traffic flow of a road section, keeps count of vehicles and classifies them as per their predefined classes. It is brought out that the entire Chennai Metropolitan Area or CMA would have this new plan. Only in core places in Chennai, ATCS would be implemented at 165 junctions and rest of sub systems would be covering the entire CMA.

There would be 2 CCC or Command and Control Centre in Chennai and they would be providing seamless incident response management, collaboration and geo-spatial display. These 2 CCCs would serve as decision support engines for the city administrators in daily operations.
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