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Public follow social distancing only by default at the parks in Chennai


Posted on : 21/Sep/2020 9:15:46 AM

After being closed for nearly 6 months for the Coronavirus infection threat, more than 650 parks have been opened for the Chennai residents for the last 2 weeks.

For the sake of avoiding the infection spread, the TN government had issued guidelines and SOP or standard operating procedures to be followed at the parks is known. It is now said that the GCC has been finding it tough to implement these SOP at the parks in Chennai. 

The superb piece of information is the awareness among the people is high and they maintain physical distancing in the parks. The footfalls in the parks are around 30% when compared to pre-Covid times

As per the SOP, it is compulsory that every park must have a hand washing facility with liquid soap at the entrance. The persons entering the parks must be tested for their temperatures with a thermal gun plus wearing face masks is a must inside the parks.

The play area of the kids would be closed and those above 65 years would not be allowed to enter the parks. It is known that many senior citizens used to visit the Anna Nagar Tower Park. These senior citizens were of the view that they must be allowed inside the park as the park was meant for them. It was also brought out that wearing face masks while walking and workout was not advisable.

There were complaints that at this park the children`s play area and gym were used by the people and there was no hand sanitizer at the entrance. Mylapore based Nageswara Rao Park is highly popular among the Chennai residents. 

In this park, the kids were seen playing together without facemasks. There was no soap at the hand washing facility that was available at the entrance of this park. The public entered the park without their temperatures checked by thermal gun.
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