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SBI releases 10 protection commandments for preventing debit-card maloperations!


Posted on : 12/Aug/2020 12:36:03 PM

Indias premier public sector bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), has shared some helplines with its customers to be observed to prevent debit card maloperations/frauds. Further, it cautions the customers quite regularly as and when such frauds/maloperations occur.

SBI shares some factors with its customers to prevent ATM frauds.

SBI has appealed to its customers to engage in ATM transactions on a personal basis to prevent ATM debit card maloperations.

SBI, in its official Twitter page, has tweeted in this regard:

Your ATM card and its PIN are critically important! It is equally important to keep your money safe. So, here are a few guidelines to follow some safety norms regarding this:

Also, even a minor carelessness can lead to some man operation so be careful!

Here are the safety guidelines:
  • While using the ATM card on SBI or BOS Computers inserting it, cover your operating board with your hands.
  • Never share your PIN/Card details with anyone!
  • Never write your PIN on your debit card.
  • Do not contact through e-mail or SMS for sharing details of your debit card or PIN.
  • Do not have your PIN derived from your Date of Birth, or cell/telephone number or bank savings account number
  • Dont keep your transaction receipts in a careless way - keep them safely at inaccessible places.
  • Check for monitoring cameras BEFORE commencing your transactions.
  • While using ATM or POS devices, be careful about handling the keypad and thermal mapping.
  • Protect yourself with any suspicious person very closely back with you.
  • Do not forget to register the transaction warnings.
Generally, the transactions in SBI ATMs are safe. SBI has introduced the system of giving OTPs to withdraw cash. This facility was introduced on 1st January. This facility allows ATM users to withdraw money once through OTP (One-Time-Password).  This facility has been given by SBI to protect the customer from unauthorized transactions between 8.00 PM and 8.00 AM every day.
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