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Soap is the best for hand-wash to rid of corona: Sanitizer waste in this regard!


Posted on : 08/Aug/2020 2:50:17 PM

Since the disastrous advent of the raging coronavirus pandemic, not only on 15th October, every day - rather every hour - has become a hand-washing occasion! The various suggestions put forward for avoiding coronavirus infection have really confused the public! Before really ascertaining which is the best method to follow, there were huge sales for soaps, liquid soaps, and sanitizers in great demand!

Plenty of people have tended to spend most of their time near the wash-basin or in the bathroom! However, despite all these precautionary actions with a great rush, there is no abatement of the coronavirus spread which is still raging throughout the country and all over the world!

Ok! Now, the issue of which is the best to wash off coronavirus? Here is the advice from the experts:

The United States of America Food and Medicine Administration Department categorically states that it has not absolutely recommended any of the items including sanitizers as a means to cure/prevent coronavirus!

The Department advises that thorough and regular washing of hands with ordinary soap and then water is the best-recommended method to prevent coronavirus infection. The Medical Experts from the Disease Control and Prevention Centre recommends usage of sanitizers only in places where water is scarce.

The sanitizer used must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol. The medical experts from Maryland University also endorse that this is the best.

As above, many other medical experts and Health Centre strongly recommend washing of hands with soap water is the best prevention. Washing should be done for 20 seconds. Thus, sanitizer is only the secondary option - its usage is never a must! Ok, now, after reading this, dont ignore sanitizers and keep around with soap and water! Take action as the situation demands!

As regards face masks, masks made of clothes suffice! And Social Distancing adherence is another important routine - observing social distancing plays a critical part in the prevention of coronavirus- Thus, we can literally mention that keeping coronavirus is in our hands!

When there was a shortage of sanitizers some of the people indulged in preparing sanitizers by themselves! As such, plenty of local small-scale made sanitizers were also available!

The point to note here is that unless the ingredients are in proper proportion, the sanitizer made would not be effective! Some people buy the sanitizer without alcohol and then mix it with alcohol. This is not proper!  

A point to note here is that a medical expert team from the USA Food and Medicine Administration and skin-disease has cautioned that i improperly made sanitizers may cause skin inflammation!

Another important point to note is that SANITIZERS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE USED ON MASKS! Mask must be washed daily and used. However, if the type N95 masks used by the doctors are washed, they will tear off! Hence, some people spray sanitizers on N95 masks - as the chemicals in sanitizers are toxic (poisonous), these ingredients may ether the breathing system when wearing masks sprayed with sanitizers and may get dissolved in the blood!

It is just sufficient to dip the mask in soap water and wash and dry. In case sanitizer is sprayed with a sanitizer, PLEASE NOTE THAT IT MUST NOT TO BE USED FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS!

Sanitizer tunnels: Coronavirus preventive sanitizer tunnel was set up in several states including Tamil Nadu for preventing the spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Arvind Kumar, Head of the Heart Treatment Centre in Delhi, shared;

In most of these sanitizer tunnels, sodium chloride is being used. There is no scientific proof that sodium chloride will cleanse the coronavirus germs.

Points to Note:
  • The sanitizer will be strong and effective only if it contains a minimum of 60% alcohol.
  • Always wash hands regularly with soap water thoroughly for just 20 seconds.
  • Once using the sanitizer for washing hands, do not take food immediately with that had - in case the chemicals contained in the sanitizers enter the body internally, it may lead to another danger, worse then coronavirus even!
  • Use sanitizer only in places where water is scarce. AND NEVER USE THE PERFUMED SANITIZERS!!
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