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Students in TN government and private schools not received textbooks till now


Posted on : 26/Jun/2019 10:05:10

In the first week of this June month, schools in the state of TN reopened after long summer vacations. The sensational information that has come out now is textbooks for several subjects are yet to be made available for the students studying in the government and in the private schools. For the classes 2 to 5 and for the classes 7, 8, 10 and 12 the syllabus has been revised this year by the school education department is well known.

The delay in making the textbooks as per the revised syllabus has been cited as the reason for the students not receiving the textbooks. This was said recently by the school education minister, Mr. Sengottaiyan. Information is this revised syllabus now is raising concerns among the teachers.

It was pointed out by Mr. K.P.O. Suresh, president of PG Teachers Association, that all the students would not be able to afford for the print-outs and photocopies from the textbooks downloaded from the website. He then explained about how the teachers have been using these at present and how students are managing with the notes taken in the class. Mr. Suresh later spoke about how atleast for the classes like 10 and 12 the textbooks must be distributed at the earliest.

The important point is many schools in Madurai and neighbouring districts are yet to receive free textbooks for most classes. Mr. Suresh highlighted about how local officials were contacted for the distribution of the textbooks.

It was mentioned by a headmaster of a middle school belonging to Sivaganga district that majority of schools did not receive textbooks till now. For just class 8, most of the middle schools have received the textbooks. He hinted that in some schools for class 5 volume 1 having Tamil and English was received but volume 2 was not received. It is worth mentioning that this volume 2 has got the remaining subjects. Many teachers handling languages like Sanskrit, French and German commented about how books for the classes like 11 and 12 were not available yet.

A French teacher and secretary of Indian Association of Teachers of French from Erode, Mr. A. Chandrasekaran, mentioned about how few textbooks were sold at the counter at the Directorate of Public Instructions campus and some students managed to get them. He expressed the inability of registering and placing an order for the textbooks in some districts. Information collected is many parents come from faraway places to buy textbooks at the retail outlet run by TN Textbooks and Educational Services Corporation.

It is revealed that the TN Students Parents Welfare Association had submitted an appeal to the school education department for the textbooks to be made available at the earliest before the beginning of the academic year.