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Prospects of heavy rains on 21st and 22nd in Tamil Nadu and mild rain in Chennai


Posted on : 20/Jun/2019 16:16:08

The Chennai Meteorological Centre has informed that there are prospects of heavy rains in Tamil Nadu tomorrow and the day-after (21st and 22nd  of June). There are prospects of mild rain in the Chennai Metro City.

Acute water shortage crisis is prevailing throughout Tamil Nadu this summer.

As there was nos sufficient rainfall expected during the summer season, the water shortage crisis is astronomical and the people are facing the acute water shortage crisis.

Especially in Chennai, this summer has been the driest. Residents have been facing extreme hardship and struggling to get water. Even offering extra payment to the tanker lorries do not work! The main reason for this situation is that almost all the water resources in Chennai Metro City have dried up!

Even the recent proliferation of Information technology firms have instructed their employees to work from home! Further, many private schools have also closed down. The Tamil Nadu people thus are constrained severely for drinking water.

In this situation, in recent information released by the Chennai Meteorological Department, there are prospects of heavy rains in Tamil Nadu tomorrow and the day after (21st and 22nd June). There are prospects of mild rain in the Chennai Metro City.

It has also been informed that a low-pressure form is likely develop over the North Bay of Bengal region.

Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department had earlier announced that the southwest monsoon rainy season will intensify in the next few days.

However, the weather centre notified that the monsoon rainy season has started in only 15% of the places and this is much less than normal.

Presently, monsoon seasonal rains are in Kerala, South Karnataka and a few places in Tamil Nadu. It is expected that it might take an additional week for the seasonal rains to spread to other places.

IMD has informed that rains can be expected around 25th June in Maharashtra State affected by severe drought conditions and by the last week of June in central India.

Rain in Tamil Nadu

With the scorching summer tormenting the whole of Tamil Nadu, there was a slight respite with rain in a few places. There were mild rains in Aarani, and its neighbourhood areas of Arunagirichathiram, Sevur, Housing Boars, and Paiyur.

With the rains, the intensity of heat reduced abruptly bringing much relief and delight to the people.

It also rained in Theni district Periyakulam, Kumbakarai, Vadugappatti, and Murugamalai. Rains brought a major relief and delight among the farmers and the people.

It rained for half-an-hour in Perambalaur old and new bus termini, Thuraimangalam, and Nangu Road.

With the past few weeks of scorching summer heat intensity, the recent sudden rains brought the heat down delighting the people!