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Demolition work creates traffic issues in Velachery now


Posted on : 19/Jun/2019 10:14:24

The Chennai and its traffic issues have been un- separable these days. Here comes a piece of news about the traffic congestion in Chennai. Traffic on the Velachery Bridge has been thrown out of gear by the demolition work there now. It must be noted that the encroached properties are getting demolished near the MRTS station located in Velachery. It is interesting to mention that many motorists park their vehicles on the bridge to take pictures/ videos of demolition work and this has further added to the traffic congestion.

Public were not allowed by the police to keep their vehicles near the encroached structures and this has made many railway commuters unhappy now.  According to a RPF or railway police force inspector, the situation is expected to continue for a week and the public must be allowed to use the parking facility present on the other side of the railway station. Point to be noted is the vehicles were not allowed to use the access road to the railway station under the bridge while coming from Vijayanagar for the major part of the day. By this, the motorists had to take a circuitous route to reach the station.

At the demolition site, about 200 police personnel from Chennai city police, 150 GRP or government railway police and 55 personnel from RPF or railway police force were deployed. The information collected is the police personnel had a tough time in ensuring that the demolition went without any issue plus in preventing curious on lookers from getting near the buildings that are getting demolished. A police inspector spoke about how many people wanted to take photographs and videos of the demolition work.

There are some institutes and coaching classes functioning out of the encroached area. It is now said that the students who had enrolled in various courses offered by the institutes and coaching classes were affected. A student who had enrolled himself in a networking course at a software training institute functioning out of the encroached area here expressed his thoughts. He spoke in shock about how he was unaware about the demolition work as he was absent for 2 days last week.

Point to be noted is this demolition work here began on Tuesday, 18th June 2019, and the revenue officials have begun demolishing illegal buildings on the southern railway land near MRTS station in Velachery.

As per the Chennai district revenue officials, it is clear that 176 buildings including 111 for commercial purposes have been built on the 1.5 acres of railway land in Annai Indra Nagar in Velachery. Out of these 56 buildings were used as residential cum commercial buildings. The important information is a mosque has been built here without requisite documents.