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Lack of water in Chennai forces some schools to take amazing decisions now


Posted on : 19/Jun/2019 10:10:33

Does anybody remember when was the last time a private school in Chennai city gave break to its students studying in certain specific classes? This has happened now in the Chennai and has caught the attention of many.  

In East Tambaram in Chennai is located Christ Kings Girls Higher Secondary School is known. This school with more than 2600 students has taken a sensational decision. The school has given a two day break for the students studying in Class 6 to class 8. It should be taken into account that the 6 bore wells present in this school premises have become dry now. Every day, this school procures 24000 litres of water from the water tankers for its students, teachers etc.

There are few schools in Chennai that have cut down their school working hours due to water scarcity in Chennai now. It was later pointed out by S. Mary Immaculate, headmistress and correspondent of this above mentioned school in the East Tambaram that a sump to store water is being constructed. She explained that the students were told not to come to school for safety reasons.

Another school located in Chromepet in Chennai is making sensational news too. This school RKD Fomra Vivekanada  Vidyalaya, private CBSE School had informed the parents through text messages that the school would function for just half day from 8 am to 12:15 pm starting from 24th June. It was mentioned in the text message that due to water scarcity the school had decided to shorten the working hours to half a day now. The principal of this school, Indra Shankar did not comment on this decision and said the decision was taken by the top management taking into account the present water crisis in Chennai.

It is worthy to note that many schools have shut down their kinder garden sections by saying that children would not be able to bear this extreme heat. One example is highly popular West Mambalam based Jaigopal Garodia School. In this school, the decision has been taken by the management to shut down the kinder garden sections.

School education minister, Mr. K. Sengottaiyan expressed his thoughts. He spoke about how providing water to the students is the responsibility of the school managements. He threw light on how some schools collect money for water tankers. Minister added that government cannot comment much on this issue. He finally concluded that there was no water shortage in the government funded schools in Tamil Nadu.

It was pointed out by some district level officials belonging to the school education department that schools have been struggling to manage without adequate water. They mentioned how in the rural places the caretakers have been asked to fetch water for the toilets.