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Government and aided colleges reopened in Chennai without some students


Posted on : 18/Jun/2019 10:15:53

On Monday, 17th June 2019, the second as well as third year classes for the students studying in the government and government aided colleges reopened in Chennai. The point is some students did not come back to the colleges and preferred to be at their homes. Presidency College in Chennai is very famous and in this college atleast 50 students that included 45 visually impaired students did not return back to the college. The reason quoted was there was no place available for the students to stay.

Information is till 2 years back, Victoria Hostel with as many as 90 rooms has been accommodating as many as 360 students and this hostel has been the first choice for those from other districts in TN.

It was pointed out by Murugan from Dharmapuri who stayed in this hostel in the first year that his brother who is studying third year BSc has not returned back to Chennai. He added that his brother wanted to confirm his accommodation. The water crisis issue in Chennai city has been cited as the reason by him as the hostel in which his brother was staying in the year 2018 has not started admission yet. In addition to this, the college hostel has not been opened yet. Murugan then hinted about the chance of hostel expenses going up now.

He revealed that in the first year he paid amount of Rs 16,000 for one year and in the second and third years he spent Rs 5000 per month. Once when the hostel begins admissions, prices would increase.

Another student Sabari from Nagapattinam spoke about how hostels are very important as private accommodation is very costly. He then explained about how the mansions in Chennai charge Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 as rent every month and how he would have studied in hometown itself if that money was available with him. It is now revealed that the students who are visually impaired and freshers would face huge issues.

According to Mr. Nagarajan, former president of the College Students and Graduates Association and now professor explained about how government run BC hostels in places like Kodambakkam and Saidapet were closed for renovation works. This had now left the students without any option.

He then mentioned about how through an organisation many students are getting help for paying their college and hostel fees. He concluded that for the students to have a place to stay various options are being tried now.