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Water crisis increases in Chennai, malls have started rationing water


Posted on : 17/Jun/2019 09:56:05

Who would have thought that the hospitality industries in Chennai would be affected badly? This is the worst time for the hospitality industries in Chennai city. The water crisis situation is becoming worse day by day in the city of Chennai is known. Information collected is the restaurants in Chennai have cut down their business hours and the malls in Chennai have begun rationing water.

The important piece of news is a popular mall in Chennai city has reduced its water consumption by 30 percent now. It was revealed by a staff belonging to the mall that one-third the flow from taps has been reduced and these taps would have released 7.5 litres per minute otherwise. It is said that the release have been brought down to 2.5 to 3 litres per minute now. The water resources in places like Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur districts have been going down is known. It is now said that desperate steps were taken because of water supply by the tankers being hit by this depleting water resources.

It is important to mention that few restaurants delayed their morning opening time due to water crisis while some restaurants were forced to skip their peak hours as the water tankers did not supply water. Mr. Tapan Agarwal, director of chain of restaurants spoke about how one of their branches had to stop their services during lunch for 2 days. He revealed that his regular supplier failed to deliver and repeated attempts to source water turned worthless due to the present water crisis in Chennai.

Important information is approximately 8000 restaurants with seating capacity ranging from 100 to 300 are functioning in the city of Chennai and its suburbs. The point is 156 MLD of water is needed by these restaurants per day.

It was mentioned by Mr. Ravi. Chennai Hotels Association president that water tankers has increased their charges three times now due to the water scarcity. He explained about how a 36000 litre capacity water tanker that used to supply 3000 litres of water has increased the rate three times. He concluded that shifting to disposable cups and plates was the only option available and many restaurants have done that now.