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Many hospitals and hotels in Chennai face issues now due to water crisis


Posted on : 15/Jun/2019 09:49:03

The water crisis in the Chennai city has been a problem not only to the residents but also to sectors like hospitals, hotels to now. It is now brought out that the water crisis in Chennai has been so severe that many hotels have decided not to serve meals for lunch. In front of the hotels, notice boards were placed indicating customers cooperation for water conservation. Inability to provide meals for lunch has been conveyed to the customers.

The truth is private water tankers have limited their supply of water as the water expenditure of the hotels have shot up by 25 percent in the last few weeks. The worsening water scarcity has resulted in taps getting replaced by mugs and buckets. It was mentioned by a consultant for many hotels, Mr. Charles Vasanthakumar that the hotels have reduced their production and some hotels have reduced their operating hours also. From stainless steel plates, most hotels now have switched over to banana leaf. This was confirmed by Mr. Ravi who is the president of Chennai Hotels Association.

The point is for saving water, finger bowls have been planned by the hotels to wash hands instead of buckets. Mr. Ravi then spoke about how hotels with 100 seats capacity needs 12-kl tanker loads of water every day and how there is so much delay in the supply of water now. It is now said that to become more self sufficient TN Hotels Association has advised its members to maintain RWH structures. To reduce the wastage of drinking water, hotels in Chennai are now serving half glass of water. This was as per Mr. Venkatasubbu association president.

To tackle shortfall in water, all establishments under MMC, Chennai and Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital or RGGGH get 40 water tankers every day. To prevent leakage in water, taps have been closed. Dr. Jayanthi, dean of MMC and RGGGH explained how for watering plants cans are used now instead of hoses.

A doctor pointed out that many private hospitals in Chennai has got RO plants. He then added that the water consumption has been reduced and instead of 2 taps in the operation theatre one tap with RO water supply is being used now. Chennai based Parvathy Hospital, chief executive officer Mr. Sujay Sambhamoorthy spoke about how water is being preserved in every possible way and how it was done to make sure that the patient gets enough water.