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What is the risk of indoor lighting in your home?


Posted on : 26/Mar/2019 5:02:28 PM

As summer is getting on its peak, it is time for all of us to go and grab those sunscreen lotions out there from the stores. Of course, you dont want your skin get tanned under the sun. It is often said that applying sunscreen on all your body parts that get exposed under the sun will prevent it from getting tanned. This is the reason behind heavy stocking up of sunscreen lotions and creams out there in the stores. These sunscreens are believed to keep your skin safe from all the effects of UVA and UVB rays.

As your skin gets exposed to these rays, it is said that your skin tends to age faster and may even be prone to skin cancer. Hence, they say it is ideal that you keep the skin protected and covered from heavy sun rays by applying sunscreen lotion and wearing full-hand dresses as you head out under the sun.

Well, that said, let us talk about the case with indoors now. What will happen to your skin when it gets subjected to indoor lighting? Is there any emission of harmful UV rays emitted out of lights? Here is the explanation

First of all, what are UV rays? UV stands for Ultraviolet. It is a very harmful radiation coming out from the sun. This is the primary causative factor for skin cancer and other skin-related issues. So, coming on to the case of indoor lights, we generally make use of tube lights or florescent lights and light bulbs. These lights of course emit UV rays in little amounts. With this light, is there the possibility of our skin getting tanned and become prone to skin cancer?

What does the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) has to say in this regard? It says, there is no such harmful effects associated with the rays emitted out of indoor lighting. There is going to be no harm as long as the light is used in the right way.

The advisable level of distance and exposure: there should be enough distance maintained between your body and the light source. There has to be at least 25cm distance maintained between the two. Also the total time period of exposure is also important. There are many people who get largely exposed to the light rays even during day time.

The verdict

There are not many studies and researches regarding the link between indoor lighting and likeliness of skin diseases or cancer, particularly in photosensitive patients.

Generally, it is good that you have bulbs with minimal UV ray emission level used along with filter or envelope.
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