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Why rambutan consumption is very important for us?


Posted on : 04/Dec/2018 10:07:00

How many of us know what a rambutan is? Belonging to the family named Sapindaceae, rambutan is a medium sized tree found in tropical places and people living in Indonesia and other South-East Asian places would be familiar with this amazing tree rambutan. In Malay language Rambutan refers to hairs due to its fruit covered in a thin leathery rind surrounded by spiky structures resembling hairs. The superb piece of information about this rambutan tree is it could grow to a height of 80 feet. This rambutan has got flowers that are small and without petals. Ovoid shaped fruit would have colours ranging from pinkish red, deep red, orange red hue. The rambutan fruit has got carbohydrates, dietary fibres, fats, proteins plus minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus etc in it. Vitamin C and niacin are also found in this rambutan fruit. The entire tree from root to the fruit is highly beneficial to us.

Various health benefits which we get by consuming rambutan fruits are-

Energy booster:

It is awesome to mention that rambutan is an energy booster and this is due to the presence of carbohydrates and proteins in it. The energy metabolism is increased by the varieties of vitamin B in the fruit and carbohydrate is converted to energy and it could be used up by the body.

Decreases constipation:

Our bowel movements get improved by the fibre content in rambutan fruit. This fibre aids in better digestion and lowers indigestion and constipation.

Kidney function is improved:

Filtering out the waste from the body is carried out by phosphorus content in the fruit. This mineral helps in good functioning of our kidneys.

Weight loss:

One important health benefit of consuming rambutan fruit is it helps in weight loss. The fibre as well as low calories in this fruit play an important role in weight loss process.

Good for heart health:

The health of our heart gets improved by the vitamin C present in rambutan fruit. This vitamin C prevents onset of disease by eliminating free radicals. Damaged blood vessel walls gets strengthened and repaired.

Health benefits of consuming rambutan seeds are-

Skin quality gets improved:

The seeds of rambutan have got superb oxidative properties. The quality of our skin gets improved by application of paste of rambutan seeds. Dark spots, patches etc are removed.

Diabetes is avoided:

The anti-diabetic nature of rambutan seeds does magnificently in maintaining a steady level of sugar in the blood. Diabetes issues are prevented or avoided in us.

Health benefit of rambutan fruit peel

Prevents cancer:

The important information about rambutan fruit is the outer skin has got superb anticancer properties. The harmful free radicals in the system are fought effectively by the fruit peel having gallic acid and flavonoids.

Health benefits of consuming rambutan leaves

Improves libido:

There would be an improvement in libido when rambutan leaves are consumed. It is known that the leaves are natural aphrodisiacs and are superb. By boiling the leaves in water and consuming the effect would be more.

Relieves pain:

It is worthy to note that the rambutan leaves have superb analgesic property and they would impact the nerve centres and make the brain feel that the pain is reducing.

Health benefit of rambutan bark

Painful sores get cured:

It is amazing that rambutan barks could heal painful sores in us. This is due to the astringent property of the bark.