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AICTE Institutions sacking engineering college teachers


Posted on : 27/Jun/2018 15:29:50

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) changed the teacher-student ratio in engineering colleges from 1:15 to 1:20. The new ration plucked the jobs of many engineering college teachers irrespective of their experience and expertise. More than 12,000 engineering college teachers in Tamil Nadu have lost their jobs as the result of the imposition of new 1:20 ratio by AICTE.

Educational experts and teachers explains the ironical situation with a simple analysis, 40 percent of engineering graduates are unemployed owing to poor coaching in the colleges. Tamil Nadu has the most number of engineering colleges out of all other Indian states.

Having more than 550 engineering colleges with 10 lakh students AICTE should have raised the ratio levels of teachers and students and steps for providing quality education. But on the contrary it has pulled down the ratio leading to the sacking of many teachers in the institutions which will indirectly lower the standard of education.

The old ratio of 1:15 implies the appointment of 66,000 teachers in all the institutions. In spite of the suggested ratio the colleges hired only 55,000 teachers on the payroll to cut down the total salary percentage raising their profit margin. Now the new ratio resulted in the colleges sacking even teachers with ten years of experience and those who were earning more than Rs 40,000 per month.

One of the professors from Chennai addressed the issue pointing out the brokers offering teaching jobs in other states but expects 20% cutoff from every month of their salaries. Many institutions in Andhra Pradesh trying to exploit the situation by hiring teachers from Tamil Nadu with minimal salaries or half the amount that they received in Tamil Nadu engineering colleges. Many professors who lost their jobs are forced to spend their lifetime savings to make the ends meet. Some of them are trying to get some odd jobs but the over qualification factor further worsening their degrading economic situation.

Many engineering graduates have the passion of getting a teaching profession. Though they capable of grabbing jobs in other industrial concerns, teaching inspires in the form of viewing it as a noble profession. But the current scenario destroys the spirit of people who wanted to be an inspiration for students educating them for the better future.

Anna University confirms the large cut off of teaching jobs in the institutions. Many opinions points out the downward spiral of engineering admissions for students as the main reason for the mass job lay off. The number of students joining engineering colleges has come down in recent years as the result of unemployment and increased fee structure of the private institutions. Now the cutting off jobs of teachers will surely lead to low standards of education in the state.