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A large digital library coming up in Madurai


Posted on : 13/Feb/2018 17:18:50

The state government of Tamil Nadu has granted approval to set up a library in Madurai similar to the Anna Library in Chennai Metro City.

An official from the state department of school education explained that in the new large library proposed to be set up in Madurai will have a separate section for the children, a training centre for competitive examinations, and a separate section for reading books just like the Anna Centenary Library in Chennai.

The proposed library will have 1 Lakh books. As it will have the latest facilities, the students from the southern districts can avail a lot of benefits through this library.

A decision has been taken that the new library will function on the 1st floor of the World Tamil Sangam Building. Thus, it is expected the huge expenses of construction will be saved. With this saving, the intention is to utilize the same to set up a library with all possible latest facilities.

Madurai Tamil Sangam has granted approval to set up the library on the 1st Floor.

The Department of Public Libraries will undertake the responsibility for procuring all the books. The state government of Tamil Nadu has ordered that the library should be named `World Tamil Sangam Library’. The government has allotted Rs. 6 Crores in the 1st Phase to set up the library.

The General Secretary of the Anna Centenary Library Employees Association explained that the association welcomes the setting up of a large library in Madurai. This new library would be a base for the students from the southern districts to create more job opportunities. So, it is important that his library should have a better infrastructure and the latest facilities even as compared to the Anna Centenary Library.

The state government has announced that there would be 1 lakh books in the proposed library. A proper committee should be set up for procuring the right books. The librarians from the department of the library should also be members of this committee. Specially qualified graduate guides recruited by TNPSC should be employed to guide the students who visit the library.

The enrolment of members for the library should be simultaneously started while setting up the library. Further, facilities such as conference hall and auditorium should be provided in order to conduct large-scale education-oriented programmes. This would get excellent revenue. This revenue can be used for the maintenance expenses.

Just like the Anna Centenary Library where the World Digital Library Plan was started with UNESCO’s assistance, this should be done in Madurai library as well. When regularly renewing this UNESCO-assisted plan, the students from the southern districts of Tamil Nadu will benefit greatly.