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Godrej Appliances launches Godrej Edge Duo Refrigerator

Posted on: 19/Dec/2017 6:49:18 PM
Godrej Appliances, one of the leading players in the home appliances segment, unveiled its latest innovation in the refrigerator category by launching Godrej Edge Duo - Indias first single door refrigerator range with a separate vegetable drawer.

Internal lab tests, conducted by the company, showed that in an hour, if a refrigerator is opened 3 times for 30 seconds each, it results in a 100% increase in temperature in the cooling chamber. Loss of cool air causes thermal shock to the food stored inside, impacting its freshness. The compressor works for 2 hours in order to regain optimal temperature inside the refrigerator leading to higher energy consumption. Hence, if the door is opened frequently, it leads to significant cooling loss and higher energy consumption.

Furthermore, the companys internal surveys also revealed that Indian consumers open a refrigerator at least 10 times a day, of which the vegetable section alone is accessed up to 40% of the time. Around 80% of all the refrigerator owning households in India, use single door or direct cool refrigerators.

Considering these insights, Godrej Appliances has launched Godrej Edge Duo, Indias first single door refrigerator with a separate vegetable drawer. It incorporates the unique Duo Flow Technology which ensures that consumers no longer need to open the full refrigerator door while accessing vegetables and helps in reducing cooling loss by 50%. The unique louvers in the freezer help in getting a stronger air flow into the separate vegetable drawer. The reduction in cooling loss coupled, with the advantages of an inverter compressor, makes Godrej Edge Duo refrigerators energy efficient and thus cost efficient. The refrigerator also maximizes space utilization by incorporating into its design, the most spacious vegetable drawer, largest freezer and dry storage as well as storage capabilities of a 2.25-liter bottle space in the door shelf and up to five 1 liter bottles in the chiller space. Inclusion of LED lights inside the refrigerator adds to its aesthetic appeal. The product comes in blue and wine colored bodies with an array of options of floral fascia.

In line with Godrejs commitment to environment and sustainability, the refrigerator uses the most eco - friendly refrigerant, R600a, with zero ozone depletion potential and thus helps in reducing its carbon footprint. It can run on extremely low voltage, allowing it to operate on home inverters in case of power cuts. This new range of 4 star rated refrigerators help customers save an additional Rs.3850 over a similar capacity 3 star refrigerator and come with a 10-year compressor warranty.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP Godrej Appliances, said, As an organization, Godrej has always endeavored to push the envelope. We are constantly exploring, innovating and evolving with the single aim of delighting our stakeholders with cutting-edge products and services that seek to make their lives brighter. Our new Godrej Edge Duo refrigerator places convenience and efficiency at the heart of its human-centric design. We are committed to a culture of strategic and innovative thinking across the organization which enables us to live up to our brand promise of Sochke Banaya Hai. Godrej Edge Duo - the latest in our Direct Cool range of refrigerators is borne out of that culture of innovation. With this launch, we are confident of achieving leadership in the single door refrigerator category.

Mr. Shivaji Sengupta, Product Group Head Refrigerator said, Launch of Godrej Edge Duo marks the beginning of a new era in refrigerator category. Around 80% of India still buys single door refrigerators and Godrej Edge Duo with its revolutionary Duo Flow technology and break through design of separate vegetable drawer in addition to its unmatched space utilization, low energy consumption and other delightful features makes Godrej Edge Duo a winner among consumers.

The new Godrej Edge Duo Flow range of single door DC refrigerators is priced between Rs. 23,000 Rs. 25,000.

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