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Andal Thiruppavai chants to commence from 16th Dec

Posted on: 15/Dec/2017 12:50:41 PM
The lyrics of Thiruppavai (a compilation of 30 songs) written by the only female Vaishnavite saint (Alwar in Vaishnavite terminology - Andal gets married to the Lord Ranganatha according to the scripture) will be chanted in 195 temples in the country including the temples under the TTD (Tirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam Board). This is planned by the Divya Prabhandha Alwar Set-up.

In Tirupathi, it has been a tradition to chant Andal`s Thiruppavai in place of the usual Suprabhatham during the Tamil calendar month of Margazhi (usually between, 16th December to 14th January).

This year as well, the set up of the Divya Prabhandha Alwar committee of TTD has announced that Andals Thiruppavai will be chanted in place of the usual Suprabhatam during the period from 16th December to 14th January.

Thiruppavai will be chanted from 7.00 AM to 8.00 AM on the above dates in the following temples:

Tirupathi Ezhumalaiyan temple, Thiruchanur Padmavathi Thayar temple, Annamacharya Kala Mandir in Tirupathi, Lord Varadaraja Swami temple, Geetha Mandir, Malayala Sathguru Seva Samajam, Baktha Anjaneya Swami temple, Sri Venkateswara Religious Endowment Auditorium and its associated locations.

In a similar tradition, Andals Thiruppavai will be chanted as on the above dates in all the famous temples in Chittoor district, Guruvayur temple in Kerala, Sri Roncha temple in Maharashtra, and other temples in the states of Delhi, Odisha, Andhra, and Telangana, for a total of 195 Vaishnavite temples. This information has been released by TTD.