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Grand Chariot Procession of the main deity at Tirupati temple

Posted on: 30/Sep/2017 12:18:59 PM
Today is the 8th day of the Brahmotsavam being celebrated at the famous Tirupati temple. The main deity was taken in the carriage of a grand chariot in a procession around the corridors of the temple. Tens of thousands of devotees participated in this grand chariot procession.

As per the traditional belief, it is considered that the festival of Brahmotsavam is conducted by the God of creation, Brahma, and hence that name is given.

The grand Brahmotsavam at the Tirupati temple commenced on last Saturday (23rd September). Today (Saturday, 30th September) is the 8th day of the Brahmotsavam and the main deity, Lord Malaiyappa Swami, was carried on the special carriage of the grand chariot on a procession around the temple corridors.

The grand chariot procession is conducted with a view that the human mind should control the transgressing flood of different thoughts and the body (considered here as the equivalent of the chariot) should be directed to the right moral path.

Today (30th September) morning, Lord Malaiyappa Swami, along with His Consorts, Bhoodevi and Sridevi, was taken in the carriage of the chariot in a procession.

When the procession was taken in the temple corridor streets, the chant of Govinda Govinda by the thousands of devotees rent the sky. The devotees were devotionally ecstatic and had a grand Darshan of the Lord.

Tonight (30th September), at 9.00 PM, on the 8th day of Brahmotsavam, as per tradition, the main deity of the Lord, adorned as the avatar of `Kalki, will be taken on the carriage of a horse. As per the mythology and tradition, the deity adorned as Kalki. Is out to destroy all the evil elements in the period of Kaliyuga, on the carriage of a galloping horse.

As tomorrow (Sunday, 1st October) is the concluding day of the grand Brahmotsavam festival, much more crowd of devotees are expected to visit Tirupati.

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