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Renewable Power via Kayathar- Chennai Transmission Line Inference by April End

Posted on: 14/Apr/2014 12:29:41 PM
Sources from state electricity board utility Tangedco confirmed that, in TamilNadu the well appreciated Kayathar-Chennai transmission line will be bespoke by April end. This has been mainly ought for the purpose of diffusing renewable power instigating from the prime wind belt.

High power potency of about 1,500 MW will be facilitated from this windmill to several Chennai centres in order to serve low power cuts. The Kayathar region is most important station among all four major wind power regions including Aralvaimozhi, Andipatti, and Palghat.

This Kayathar line and an additional high-capacity diffusion line amid Theni and Salem districts are termed as two "green strip" projects intended specially for renewable power, linking the southern and northern divisions of Tamil Nadu, stated by K Vengatachalam, chief advisor of TASMA (Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association).

The state has potency to relinquish about 4,000MW of wind energy and this add-on line will energize the offered capacity, but the problem with wind mill is that it swings, not short of migration exchanges, said the TANGEDCO sources.

The combination of lopsided payment of cash by TANGEDCO to power mill producers and the withdrawal of increased downgrading scheme by the Centre grounds the ability in addition with TamilNadu to drop to 113 MW in 2013-14 when linked with approximately 1,100 MW in 2011-12.

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