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Government Cancels Tatkal Charges for Supplementary Exams, Extends Application Period!

Posted on: 07/Mar/2024 11:07:03 AM
A system was in practice to collect special fees - known as Tatkal charges - from students studying in Government or Government-aided schools in the 10th, 11th, and 12th Standards (+1 & +2) who failed their public examinations and then applied to write the supplementary examinations.

The Department of Examinations had given a 7-day time period to pay these Tatkal charges.

Subsequently, a Government Order has been released informing that the above Tatkal charge has been canceled and giving a time extension as well.

Details of the Government Order released by the Chief Secretary of the Department of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, Kumaragurubaran:

"In the year 2000, a Government Order was issued for the Department of School Education to collect a special allocation charge of Rs. 1000/- in addition to the Examination Fee from private candidates who applied for writing the Supplementary Examinations for the 10th, 11th & the 12th Standards. Further, a special allocation charge of Rs. 500/- was collected from private students applying to write the Matric Anglo-Indian Examination, and the 8th Standard Supplementary examinations.

In this scenario, 30 students from Government-aided schools who wrote the Public Examinations in the year 2023, 104 students from Government Schools, 154 students from Government-aided schools to write the +1 Public Examinations, 375 students from Government Schools, and 232 students from government-aided schools and 386 students from Government Schools had applied to write the 10th Standard Examinations.

As such, the Director of the School Education Board had written a letter to the State Government of Tamil Nadu appealing to cancel the Tatkal charges collected for applications submitted with delay and the time for applications to be extended by 7 to 15 days. Further, the Tatkal charges must be canceled for the students who applied to write the supplementary examinations immediately.

Considering the above appeal from the Director of School Examinations Board regarding these recommendations, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered the cancellation of Tatkal charges for all government and government-aided school students who had failed in the March/April Public Examinations and applied for the supplementary examinations to be conducted in June/July and also extending the time for application for the supplementary examinations to 15 days from the present 7 days.

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