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Teachers Recruitment Board prepares to conduct Teachers Eligibility Test!

Posted on: 13/Jul/2021 11:17:06 AM
Information is gathered that the Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB), which has NOT conducted any tests over the last 2 years due to the prevailing crisis of the raging 1st and 2nd waves of the coronavirus pandemic is now preparing to conduct the written tests for recruitment of teachers.

Teachers Recruitment Board has decided to conduct the cancelled and postponed examinations.

TRB has commenced all the preparatory activities on this basis.

TRB has started selecting the professors from government colleges for setting up the question papers.

Teachers Recruitment Board Member Secretary Seetharama Varma has ordered the Tamil Nadu Higher Education Council to prepare a list of professors WHO HAD FAILED TO CONDUCT private tutoring sessions for the students AND ALSO SETTING UP OF centres for the various preparatory activities such as setting up the question papers and also to organise.