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IPL Traffic Advisory: Chennai Road Alterations for Tata IPL 2024 Matches

Posted on: 23/Apr/2024 6:11:04 PM

"Traffic changes have been implemented from 5 pm to 11 pm today due to the Tata IPL season-2024 being held at MA Chidambaram Cricket Stadium in Chennai. Here are the updates:

• Vehicles traveling from Bharathi Road can now proceed to Victoria Hostel Road.
• However, vehicles from Wallaja Road are prohibited from entering Victoria Hostel Road.
• Bells Road has been temporarily converted into a thoroughfare, allowing vehicles to ply from the Bharathi Road – Bells Road junction. But, vehicular movement is restricted from the Wallaja Road – Bells Road junction to Bells Road.

For city buses originating from Kannagi Statue, a route adjustment is in place. They are directed to proceed straight to Thiruvallikeni Highway via Ratna Cafe Junction to reach their destination. Vehicles coming from Ratna Cafe Junction can take Walaja Road via Bells Road from the Bharathi Road – Bells Road junction to reach their destination. However, vehicles directly from the Bharti Road – Bells Road junction are not permitted to reach Kannagi idol.

MTV vehicles with parking permit cards labeled with specific letters have designated routes. Those with cards bearing certain letters can proceed to Victoria Road via Walaja Road, Laborer Statue, Kamaraj Road, Kannagi Statue, Bharathi Road to reach their parking lot. Others with different letters can proceed to their parking spaces via Walaja Road.

Access to Walaja Road from the Laborer Statue is restricted. Vehicles from Annasalai can proceed via Walaja Road, Laborer`s Statue, Kamarajar Road to the parking lot on Beach Inner Road opposite the Public Works Office. Similarly, vehicles from the War Memorial and Gandhi Statue can proceed via Kamaraj Road to the parking lots on Beach Inner Road opposite the Public Works Office."

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