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Chennai City Traffic Police to Trial New Traffic Diversions on Anna Salai

Posted on: 10/Oct/2023 8:56:29 AM
Greater Chennai Traffic Police (GCTP) have introduced temporary traffic diversions on Anna Salai, effective from Tuesday, October 10, in an effort to optimize traffic flow. These changes are part of a trial initiative aimed at improving traffic management in the area.

1. Smith Road will now operate as a one-way street, with entry permitted only from the Anna Salai-Smith Road junction. Vehicles will no longer be allowed to enter from the Whites Road-Smith Road junction.

2. Pattulas Road has also been designated as a one-way street, with entry allowed exclusively from the Whites Road-Pattulas Road junction. Entry from the Anna Salai-Pattulas Road junction will no longer be permitted.

3. For vehicles traveling from G P Road Junction and Binny Road towards Whites Road, access to Pattulas Road has been restricted. These vehicles will be rerouted to the Anna Salai-Smith Road junction, leading towards Smith Road and Whites Road to reach their intended destinations.

4. Vehicles heading from Royapettah Tower Clock junction towards Whites Road will be diverted at the Whites Road-Pattulas Road junction, enabling them to access Anna Salai while prohibiting entry towards Whites Road-Smith Road junction.

5. For vehicles traveling from Whites Road-Thiru Vi Ka Junction towards Whites Road, access to Smith Road has been restricted. These vehicles will be redirected towards the Whites Road-Pattulas Road Junction to reach Anna Salai.

6. Vehicles traveling from Anna Salai-Pattulas Road Junction towards Binny Road and Broadway will be permitted to execute a "U" turn near Spencer`s Plaza, enabling them to reach Binny Road and Broadway with ease.

Please note that these traffic diversions are being implemented on a trial basis to assess their effectiveness in alleviating congestion and improving traffic flow in the area. Motorists are advised to follow the designated routes and cooperate with traffic authorities during this trial period.

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