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Little free library or LFL functioning in OMR in Chennai has been sensational for the residents!!

Posted on: 09/Jun/2023 9:06:41 AM
If you have gone to Annai Indira Nagar in OMR in south Chennai now, you would have come across a bright blue colored box with yellow colored doors attached to the compound wall of a house!! Have you ever thought about what it was?

The surprising piece of information is that this is LFL or a little free library that is functioning only in this part of Chennai. In this Lfl or take a book and donate a book scheme, many OMR residents are getting benefited now. This unique concept of LFL was opened to the residents just last month only and it has become sensational.

In this amazing LFL, it would be possible to take a book from the box only if the residents replace it with another book. This was according to Mr. Jeyakumar who founded LFL. It is learnt that LFL are 24 hour libraries. This LFL is famous in the USA but opened now in a few locations in Chennai. It is superb to note that LFL is open for all age groups and just a month has gone since its opening. Now, a minimum of 10 persons come daily to exchange books. The lack of enthusiasm and demand etc have led to closure of LFL`s in Chennai.

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