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Government Order: Monitoring of Traffic Rules Violation: In case the vehicle driver is not guilty, proof to be submitted!

Posted on: 17/May/2023 12:16:09 PM
The State Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered that if a vehicle driver caught on electronic monitoring of traffic rule violations is not guilty, he/she MUST submit proof to support their claim.

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has released guidelines for imposing penalties for violations of traffic rules. According to the guidelines provided by the Central Ministry of Transport and Highways, the Order released by the State Government of Tamil Nadu states the following:

"New Rule Added: A new Rule, 167A, is being added to the Central Motor Vehicle Electronic Monitoring and Highway Safety Department. According to this rule, cameras fitted on the bodies of traffic police, equipment recording vehicle speed, ANPR cameras, and dashboard cameras can be used for imposing penalties with approval from the State Governments!

This equipment will be installed on National and State Highways with high accident rates, areas with severe traffic congestion, and cities with a population of over 10 lakhs citizens (including Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, and Thoothukkudi).

Penalties can be imposed by recording the location, date, and time of traffic rule violations, including exceeding the speed limit, parking in restricted areas, failure to follow safety procedures, and not wearing helmets, among other violations (12 in total)!

Furthermore, the public must be informed about the ongoing electronic monitoring process! The State Government MUST ensure that all warning signboards carry clear and easily understandable warnings!

The personnel of the Police Department and the Traffic Police Department must visibly display the cameras installed on their bodies. The recorded video clips can be used as evidence/witnesses for any traffic rule violations in court!

Moreover, officials MUST strictly adhere to the rules when imposing penalties. They should only wear the cameras on their bodies while on duty, keeping them activated. The person being monitored must also be informed!

Penalties within 15 days:

Penalties MUST be imposed within 15 days with clear electronic monitoring evidence. Violators of traffic rules must receive penalty chits directly, containing details of the location, date, and time. They can pay the penalties online or at Traffic Police Stations.

If violators believe they have not violated any traffic rules, they can present the necessary evidence to the officer-in-charge."