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A collection of PENALTY OF over Rs. 1.68 Crores in the last 2 weeks in Chennai Metro City for DRUNKEN DRIVING!

Posted on: 06/Feb/2023 12:43:13 PM
A COLLECTION OF Penalty for DRUNKEN DRIVING of Rs. 16898500/- (Rs. 1.69 Crores) has been collected in the Chennai Metro City over the last 2 weeks!

The Chennai Metro City Traffic Police have been undertaking various initiatives and implementing them to reduce or prevent road accidents. Loss of lives, and severe traffic congestion!

As a part of this, a penalty of Rs. 10000/- is collected from the vehicle drivers who indulge in DRUNKEN DRIVING! As per this, on this front, 785 cases of drunken driving have been tackled and a total of Rs. 8185500/- was collected as a penalty!

In this situation, over the last 2 weeks, in Chennai Metro City, 1628 pending cases of drunken driving were settled through the Call Centres and a total penalty of Rs. 16898500/- was collected!

In this regard, the Commissioner of Police Shankar Jiwal shared:

"In case of drunken driving, apart from the vehicle of the concerned offender, their fixed assets will also be confiscated! In this aspect, there are 319 cases of drunken driving already dealt with action taken to confiscate the fixed assets of the concerned! Court Orders have been released and the confiscation is in progress!"