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Chennais Ambitious Transformation: Kodungaiyur Dump Yard Set to Become Waterfront Oasis

Posted on: 29/Feb/2024 11:11:59 AM
The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has unveiled plans to transform the Kodungaiyur dump yard into a serene waterfront hangout by reclaiming 250 acres of land. The project, focusing on ecological balance and minimal construction, involves a biomining initiative to remove legacy waste, with a projected two-year timeline for land restoration. The landfill, classified as OSR land, presents challenges in converting it into a water body for monsoon water storage, leading to the decision to maintain the reclaimed area as open space with limited construction. The GCC aims to address groundwater concerns caused by legacy waste and plans to call tenders for new waste processing centers. Residents, impacted by health issues due to decades of waste dumping, advocate for green initiatives and highlight the area`s susceptibility to flooding during monsoons, particularly in North Chennai. The initiative aims to revitalize the Kodungaiyur area, address environmental concerns, and enhance residents` quality of life.