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A government order to get approval for the revised construction rules and regulations

Posted on: 07/Mar/2019 4:23:38 PM
The government has ordered that approval must be obtained from the metro and city corporations for the rule and regulations to give permission for constructions as per the existing rules and regulations.

Uniform general construction rules and regulations were announced on 4th February for the local rural administration to metro city corporations. Most of the Metro and city corporations have the system of receiving online applications for construction permits.

The order mentions: The general construction rules and regulations must be observed as per the existing online process. The approvals must be given as per the shares of power extended. The present system of receiving the application forms for construction approval with the fees of Rs. 500 is to be continued.

In the domain under the metro corporations and city corporations, areas must be clearly identified as for adjacent constructions, the lands meant for the backward community persons, etc., and with approval, should be submitted to the commissioner of the local areas management and control.

The extended limits permissible for construction must be added to the existing rules and regulations and obtain the approval before today.`