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Good news regarding the beginning of SW monsoons in Tamil Nadu!!

Posted on: 09/Jun/2023 9:09:31 AM
The SW monsoon has started in Tamil Nadu and in Kerala and this was announced by the Indian Meteorological Dept or IMD.

It was brought out by Mr. P. Senthamarai Kannan, director of Meteorological Centre in Chennai that the cyclone Biporjoy that has been prevailing in the Arabian Sea  from yesterday has been present in the parts of Middle East Arabian Sea 850km west and south west of Goa and 900km southeast of Mumbai. He added that this cyclone would strengthen and in the next 3 days it would move in the north and north west direction. Since the cyclone has moved away from the Indian coast, SW monsoon has started in the Kerala state plus rains have spread in southern TN also now.

In TN and in Puducherry today 9th june due to heat wave, light to moderate rains would occur in few places.  On june 10th, 11th and 12th also, there would be light to moderate rains in few places in TN and Puducherry.

Today, the maximum temp in some places could be 105 degrees Fahrenheit also. There would also be an increase upto 7 degrees in the temperature some places in TN today. It is noteworthy that today and tomorrow gusty winds at speeds of 45kmph to 55kmph would be there over the Gulf of Mannar, Kaumari sea,  TN coastal areas, North andaman sea etc. 

There would also be winds of speeds 65kmph in between. Winds would reach speeds of 40 to 45kmph over central east and central west Bay of Bengal, southeast and southwest Bay of Bengal and Srilankan coastal places etc. The fishermen have been asked not to venture into the sea as the sea would be very rough.

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