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The Grand Brahmotsavam at Tirupathi to commence with divine flag-hoisting! Tirupathi glistens with serial lamps all over!!

Posted on: 26/Sep/2022 11:52:42 AM
The famous grand Brahmotsavam at Tirupathi Lord Venkateswara temple is all set to start with the divine flag-hoisting ceremony tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 26th September)!

The grand Brahmotsavam will conclude on the day of the star `Thiruvonam` in the sacred Tamil Calendar month of Purattasi with the event of `Theerthavari` performed!

The Grand Tirupathi Brahmotsavam is all set to resume with the presence of the total strength of devotees after a gap of 2 years due to the effect of the raging coronavirus pandemic!

On this occasion, the temple staff and the devotees will carry the idol of Lord Srinivasa`s Sarva Senapathi, known as `Vishva Senapathi` in Andhaar Vanam in a procession with Nadaswaram and other musical instruments playing!

Subsequently, 9 pots will be kept in the `Yaga Saala` set up near the `Vasantha Mandapam`, 9 grains will be put into the 9 pots and a special pooja will be performed!

On the occasion of the super-special Brahmotsavam, the whole of Tirupathi is glistening with decorative electric serial lamps all over!!

The 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, known as `Dasavatharam", when he took 10 different images to prevail over evil and save his devotees, are depicted in pictures lighted with serial electric lamps! As such, Tirupathi offers the divine sight as `Kaliyuga Vaikumtam`!!

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