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Tirupathi: after lockdown, boundaries marked for Darshan of Lord Venkateswara

Posted on: 18/May/2020 3:08:49 PM
Boundaries have been drawn in the premises of the world-famous Tirupathi temple of Lord Venkateswara for the devotees to wait for Darshan.

Prior to the imposed lockdown conditions, it was a normal and traditional everyday routine for lakhs of devotees to have Darshan of the favourite and devoted Lord Venkateswara while chanting Govinda! Govinda! awaiting Darshan!

However, as a preventive measure against the spreading of the raging coronavirus pandemic, devotees were not allowed inside the temple premises from 25th March.

As such, the devotees have been barred from Darshan over the last 50 days since 20th March.

It is now expected that the lockdown conditions would soon be relaxed and the devotees will be permitted inside the temple premises for Darsha of their favourite Lord.

It is also gathered that the date for resumption of devotees will be announced soon.

As per the above news, the Thirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) Board along with the temple local administration has initiated various activities in order that the devotees have a safe Darshan.

Accordingly, boundary lines have been drawn at a 1-metre distance from one to the next for the devotees to stand and wait in the queue right from the main entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Lord Venkateswara.

Apart from this, in order to ensure that the devotees adhere to the social distancing guideline, boundary lines have been drawn in all other related places including the Laddu purchase counter!

Further, devotees will be allowed through the tunnel with herbal disinfectant to have Darshan and also in order that the devotees keep their hands clean, hand-washing facilities are being set up at regular intervals.

As such, the temple administration authorities inform that the devotees can have safe Darshan of the Lord Venkateswara!

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